AIDA Certified Instructor

Originally from Finland, Leena has lived on Maui since 2014. Freediving allowed Leena to connect with nature and herself in a way that no activity ever has. Her passion for this amazing sport has driven her to challenge her potential and find the deepest joy in the simple act of descending into the calmness of the deep blue. Her background as a yoga and fitness instructor are ideal for providing a motivational and supportive learning environment for freediving students.

Leena is an AIDA Master Instructor whose teachings focus on safety skills and building self awareness. She set two national records for Finland to 81m in CWT and FIM in September 2023 at her first competition.


AIDA Certified Instructor

As an avid swimmer and overall ocean enthusiast, freediving was a natural progression in the world of water sports for Martyna. She uses it as a form of meditation, immersing herself in the quiet calm of the underwater world. She believes that ocean-safety and enjoyment are intertwined; and she credits the skills she has learned in freediving with giving her the ability to confidently explore the ocean. She is eager to share these skills with others to help them expand their comfort zones.

Martyna received her AIDA instructor certification in 2019, became a Master Instructor in 2023 and is also a certified SHARE Equalization instructor. She has had ample success helping students with various skill sets and limitations break through their mental and physical barriers. She aims to provide her students with the highest level of instruction to help them succeed on any level of their freediving adventure!

Freedive Ohana instructors are AIDA certified instructors