A renowned international agency for the development of apnea, AIDA the largest organizer of worldwide freediving competitions. Having created a highly regarded education system, AIDA instructors impart the most in depth and useful freediving skills to their students.

AIDA freedivers comprise of athletes, educators and recreational freedivers who promote the development, scientific progression and enjoyment of the sport.

What Is Freediving?

"...the most natural and serene way to explore the depths of the oceans with minimal impact. It is also the ultimate way to free yourself and spend more time enjoying the beauty and silence of the sea."

Freediving Education

"AIDA courses set the standard in international freediving education. The AIDA ladder supports your development as a freediver all the way from beginner to instructor level."

Freediving as a Sport

"As well as the perfect way to relax at the weekend, freediving is an international competitive sport. Professional freedivers exploit the bodies' diving adaptations to go to depths of over 200m on a single breath."

Freedive Ohana instructors are AIDA certified instructors